The Brass Tacks Initiative uses education to help reduce the amount of food-related waste going to the landfill. To find out why you should care about food waste read one of our stories or check out some curated resources below.

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Food Production and Sustainability- Learn about innovative solutions for waste management and recycling in the food production industry.


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Helpful resources found on other sites:

FoodKeeper App (USDA)

This app gives guidance on the save handling, prep, and storage of foods. Plus, there is an "Add to Calendar" feature that will send you reminders to use products before they expire.

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Reducing Food Waste at K-12 Schools (USDA)

This page contains information to help schools get started reducing their waste including strategies for nutrition staff, curriculum, and graphics.

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Organics Recycling (Dem-Con)

Find more information about the many ways of recycling food and why it is important. This page includes videos and infographics.

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Food Loss and Waste (FDA)

This page has resources for individuals, businesses, and governments to help reduce food loss and waste. It also includes a toolkit, videos, and information to share on social media.

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Preventing Wasted Food 101 (MNPCA)

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has resources to help individuals and families reduce their environmental impact when it comes to food. This page contains an implementation guide and toolkit to help you get started.

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